Information Technology

Transform your employees perception of IT services and your organization. Hubs create a personal brand for IT and provide services that empower employees. 

Real time Service Metrics

Automate service level details and employee feedback. Capture insights into your services operational effectiveness in real time.

Staffing Effectiveness

Gain visibility into required staffing levels and their capabilities through data collected at each service and trends over time.

Strategic Decision Making

Target your IT spend with data driven decision making. Track IT issues over time to ensure your funding goes to reduce future incidents.

Automated ticket generation

Eliminate ticket generation for IT and employees by using the automated system to gather metrics without wasted time spent. 

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Human Resources

With a focus on employee productivity, Hubs ensure employees are not struggling with IT processes and procedures. They create a culture to attract and retain top talent.

Employee Retention

Hubs are considered part of the employees benefits for working in a company that encourages collaboration and learning.

New Employee Benefits

New employees have a "home base" to go to for live assistance and questions regarding their new personal computing devices.


Hubs can be used as an onboarding location for new employees to receive their devices on the first day of employment.

Employee Satisfaction

Satisfaction scores are gathered on each service and provide continuous improvement opportunities to enhance human resources.



Hubs raise the bar on the top IT talent and ensure more services are completed with less funding. Many Hubs have reduced their overall desk side staff by having services centralized.

Reduce IT spend

Ensure IT resources are being used in the most effective capacity. Many Hubs have reduced IT staff versus traditional desk side model.

Return on Investment

Real time visibility into your Return on Investment. Track employee productivity savings in hours/$ on a continuous basis for each visit.

Peripheral Spending

Track peripheral spending at each location through the vending machines. Providing instant access to these low value assets translates to manpower savings in Finance, Sourcing and IT.

Acquisition Support

Hubs provided a centralized support system for employees that are part of an acquisition or integration. They make the technology transition easier - saving time and money.

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We hear from our marketing partners that Hubs create a corporate culture that encourages technical learning and knowledge. Its shows employees the company is investing in their value. 


Hubs are customized to create or accentuate the company brand. They provide a centralized, personable experience non-typical of traditional IT services.

Communication Platform

Our spaces provide an opportunity to share your marketing messaging through digital display platform.

Employee Investment

Spaces show employees that the company values their time and productivity for which they were hired. No lost time working on IT issues.


Providing a meeting place for employees to gather creates a culture of collaboration and productivity.



Transform your employees perception of IT services and organizations. Hubs create a personal brand for IT and provide services that empower employees. 

Instant Access to Experts

No more engaging IT support through call centers and ticketing systems. Instant access to highly, skilled IT experts in convenient to you locations.

Voice of the Customer

Your Voice of the Customer is gathered at every interaction and translated into continuous improvement for IT services.

Productivity Focused

Hub Techs focus on fixing your IT issues with your time in mind. Issue taking longer than expected? You will be offered a loaner system. We want to ensure your time is spent on your area of expertise and not solving IT problems. 

Increase your Digital Education

Ability to try IT products before you purchase them, attend live or video training and ask general questions all in the effort to expand your technical knowledge.