San Ramon

Tech Valley Transformation

Tech Valley Transformation

Space to service the most high tech customer base

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When launching the new GE Digital headquarters in San Ramon, it was important to provide easy and quick access to IT assistance for the software development community. With the goal of staff developing code from Day 1 of employment, IT support needed to be visible and highly skilled.


The space was staffed with five tech agents to service the development population. It included a peripheral vending machine, rechargeable battery swap program, video gaming system connected to other spaces, new tech product displays and GE collected the results of each service incident plus employee feedback.


The MyTech Lounge assists approaching 1,000 employees per month with a wide range of IT needs. It’s the one stop, white glove service for everything IT from procurement to assistance. Employee satisfaction has soared, whilst a further MyTech Lounge has opened at this location to continue to help employees with their IT needs.