Peripheral Vending Machine


Instant access saves time and money

Instant access to IT peripherals

Incorporating IT peripheral vending machines into our spaces provides employees with access to the tools they need to get back to work


Access to IT peripherals were done on an individual basis with employees ordering as needed. These items range in price from $1-$75 and required sourcing, finance, manager and employee workflow approvals in order to procure. This procurement process spent more time in man hours than the value of the products. 


By providing IT peripheral vending machines in our spaces we are giving employees 24x7 access to tools they need to perform their roles. The vending machine rules provide a secure, traceable way to distribute these items without labor hours lost.


This feature resulted in average cycle time reduction from 3 days to 2 minutes for access to peripherals. Thousands of man hours are saved each year in not having to process these requests. Locations now have better visibility and control of their IT spending.