Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Employees drive success

Employees drive our success

Part of our mission is to refocus IT as a service organization within the company. Instead of focusing on hundreds of IT metrics we keep it simple - employee productivity, resolve on first contact and satisfaction scores are what's important. 


There are hundreds of IT metrics in our industry. Trying to capture them all accurately loses focus on what's important. Standard ITIL ticketing software makes it difficult to extract, analyze and use metrics to create timely operational corrections. Most IT operational metrics look at past data which provides little chance for timely course corrections. 


The TechHub system automatically collects service times and satisfaction scores in real time. They are visible to all employees in your company. The TechHub operational processes of running the spaces require personal follow up on any unsatisfactory scores from employees. 


One of our customers has experienced 250,000 employee visits with a 98%+ satisfaction score across the globe. A survey response rate of 40%+ because employees know their feedback matters and will be used to continuously improve their services.