IT Support Reimagined at GE’s Corporate HQ

IT Support Reimagined at GE’s Corporate HQ

Transforming a 1908 warehouse space into a cutting-edge technology hub

The Monogram and the Inspira Font are the property and/or a Trademark of the General Electrical Company and are used with permission.


The challenge was to create a digitally forward-looking and functioning MyTech Lounge branded space for GE’s new HQ facility, while maintaining the integrity of the historic 1908 structure.  IT support noted enhanced productivity and reduced resolution times as compared to the former Level 1 and Level 2 models.


To provide a fresh start, the new IT space was integrated into the central office facilities, such as the cafe and collaboration areas, to ensure easy access for all employees. The new process was key to ensuring employees were assisted starting on Day 1 in their new office, providing help on network and wireless connections as well as their mobile devices.


The new MyTech Lounge received hundreds of visitors and boosted employee productivity during the launch days.  Employees were provided with high quality IT assistance to make their on-boarding and first days a pleasant and efficient experience.