Track performance and cost savings

TechHub System provides real time visibility into IT service performance and employee productivity savings to measure your ROI. Every employee engagement is automatically captured and reported in our centralized, cloud-based portal.

  • Automated check in

    The TechHub system automatically gathers customer service details through photo recognition of badges, licenses, or other forms of employee IDs. Data is gathered and can be fed into your existing IT service management tool automatically. 

    By automating the check in and service gathering process, we avoid employees and IT staff from spending non-value time entering tickets. Our focus is on providing the best, most efficient customer service possible. 

    check in

  • Real time data analytics

    Data for every service is provided in real time via the web. This gives the IT operational team an opportunity to make any corrections or follow ups necessary on a timely basis. 

    Employee ratings and productivity savings are automatically calculated so you have constant visibility into performance and time being saved by the TechHub space.


  • Business Intelligence

    You will have instant access to performance levels of the staff in the Tech Hub Spaces. Metrics are provided for each staff member including the average number of employees assisted per day and satisfaction score by team member. This will help to make decisions on service performance based on data.

    Knowing which IT areas are the biggest pain points for employees helps to direct your IT spending for training or projects that target the largest paybacks.


  • No infrastructure investment

    Our system is accessible from any web browser via the cloud. No investment in infrastructure or application installation is required.

    We work from a month by month software subscription model so you can use it as long as you need and can cancel at anytime.

    web based