Working at the Hub

18th Feb 2018 in

In this article, we hear from a Hub technician and how their role influences the company they serve.

Tell us about your background that led to this position in the TechHub?

  • I worked at Apple for over 10 years supporting and coordinating Genius Bar activities. I was assigned based on prior experience and performance track. 

How long have you been in this role?

  • Two years next week

What do you like best about working there?

  • The company is so diverse in the technology it’s employees use and continue to develop. Every customer situation is a unique opportunity to learn something new about the tools people are using and how they use them in their work and even personal life. Each interaction is more of a collaborative effort to get things working rather than just monotonous, mindless and repetitive tasks. I enjoy the challenges I encounter every day.

What are the toughest challenges you face?

  • You never know who’s going to walk up or with what problem.  It could be an executive whose email doesn’t work and needs to get up and running ASAP.  It could be a scientist or engineer working with software you’ve never seen or heard of before and needs a very specific configuration set up on it totally on the fly.  There’s a lot of using instinct and experience to solve issues that you’ll likely never even see again after this one instance.

Do you feel like you are making a difference in employee’s productivity?

  • 1000x yes. We are able to be L1/L2/L3 for most issues and solve issues that used to take days. One of the biggest compliments we get is how we are easier to talk to and work with than calling a helpdesk number, less wait time, and we are aware of common issues that the typical L1 may not be aware of.

Give an example of a service where you needed to go above and beyond to help.

  • There have been numerous times where I have been told I’ve gone above & beyond, but to me I’m just doing my Job. We have a saying: “Treat Everyone as if they are the CEO”