Grand Opening of the TechHub Lab

13th Mar 2018 in

We recently opened our TechHub Lab in Albany, New York to give our customers an opportunity to see and try one of our spaces in action. Photos of our spaces do not tell the full picture of the product.

At the lab, customers can get a hands-on demo of the custom software and process that we have built into the space. They can see the space from their employee’s point of view on how the system facilitates the personal interaction between IT and the business. Data collection is automated and shown in our spaces so everyone is aware of the IT issues, volume and employee feedback in real time.  We believe this transparency is part of what makes our spaces such a success.

In addition to the software system, customers can see and try other features such as the peripheral vending, self-training station, digital marketing options, charging tables, employee huddle spaces, etc. It gives them the opportunity to immerse in the space and witness what would work for their employees and corporate culture.


We welcome you to Tour our Lab and see the experience for yourself. Click here to schedule an in-person visit with us: